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Amex Blue Cash Everyday

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Re: Amex Blue Cash Everyday

"GW" is for goodwill  letter to the collection agency who placed it on your file.  Since it's already paid, write to them and ask for that item to be deleted from whichever credit reports it appears.  In the letter, be specific stating it was a complete oversight, etc.  They may, or may not remove it since it's already paid. Your chances with Amex might be good to apply now, but getting that  collection item off gives you a much better chance for approval.  Good luck

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Re: Amex Blue Cash Everyday

Thanks guys.  When I paid the bill off in April they said it was going to be taken off.  It was taken off both my EQ and TU but was left on the EX which seems to be the main one AMEX checks.  They are a local company, so I will call them first thing in the morning and see what they say.  Maybe I will get lucky.  

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Re: Amex Blue Cash Everyday

Don't close anything until your mortgage is finished.


Dropping below 2 cards open may be a slight hit to your FICO and most things done during the mortgage process are almost assuredly going to have a negative impact (only exceptions to that are paying down revolving debt, and deleting negative information).


I'd probably leave them open even for the BCE shot; if you get approved or even denied, then can close, but short-term other than the cash outlay on the fees, FP and Credit One aren't necessarily hurting you and payment history is a definite bonus.

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