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Amex Blue

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Amex Blue

I recieved my Amex Blue with a $3000.00 CL. YIPPEE!!  I also recieved a separate letter stating my Experian Score was 753. Do they use the same scale that Equifax use?  I know some folks talking about vantage scale, where the score can range from 300 to 900 or something like that... I am trying to find out if my score is 753 with EX will my EQ score be just as high or ball park?

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Re: Amex Blue

Vantage Score ranges from 501 to 990.


Each CB uses different FICO scoring model. So a 753 FICO score from EX (keep in mind there is 10+ variations of FICO scores from EX) does not mean 753 from EQ.

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