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Amex CLD ... reinstatement

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Amex CLD ... reinstatement

I am currently in the process of paying down C.C. debt to the tune of $2,500 a month. I will be done by July 15th. I have decided to pay down about 15% of the card’s limit each month.

About 8 months ago AMEX dropped my limit from 5,000 to 4,400. Currently my balance is 4,200. This month I have some extra money and was considering calling and asking for my original 5,000 line back if I made a $2,200 payment. I would let them know my plan is to continue to pay $750 a month until the card is paid in full.

My other cards have high utilization but they would all be decreasing 15% a month.

Is this a fair request? I just don’t want to bring more attention to my account. Either way I plan to make 1600 payment to the Amex. But would like to try and get back to 5k limit.

Another DP they offered to change the ED to EDP
this last week. Not sure if that is a sign I’m still in their good graces.
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Re: Amex CLD ... reinstatement

Why not just make the payment , continue to pay off your debt and if you will be paid off by July, wait til then and request a 3x on your current limit. By then they will see you are in better position to handle the increase.
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Re: Amex CLD ... reinstatement

For some reason that 3x hadn't even crossed my mind!


Thank you very much 

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Re: Amex CLD ... reinstatement

What does your overall credit profile look like? Is this the only account that's maxed?


If so then you may want to call them to discuss it. "Hey, I see my limits continuing to decrease. Can I make (big payment amount) to stop the decreases? I plan to continue making large payments to pay it off by (date)."


No harm in asking, I don't think. Be prepared for a No, but they'll probably work with you unless the rest of your credit profile looks "stressed."

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Re: Amex CLD ... reinstatement

My impression is that there was an algorithm within AMEX that initiated your CLD. If they haven't balance chased you for 8 months (I believe I read that correctly, that the CLD was 8 months ago) that seems like a positive thing. 


I like the 3X approach in the future.

Good luck!

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