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Amex CLI denied

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Re: Amex CLI denied

andre181 wrote:

Definitely. I'm always very aware of my CC usage considering my low-ish income. My util is never more than 5%


I have a lot in student loans though and I think that is what worries AMEX. Its about $45k so far and will be at *gulp* about $60k when I graduate.


That and a lot of inquiries (10) are the only things that AMEX cite as my reasons for denial. My EX FICO is 754 according to them so its not a credit issue, but a low income issue.


But other than that, my CR's are stellar (in my opinion). No lates, no collections, nothing adverse. Paid and closed auto loan with original balance of $13,499 which was PIF in 15 months.



student loans on deferment?  If so, you might call cli department and explain situation.  Computer model has hard time with deferred loans  vs income.

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Re: Amex CLI denied

Hmm, interesting. They are all in in-school deferment, except one very small one which in grace for 7 more months.


I might give them a call.



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