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Amex CLI ??

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Amex CLI ??

I just got off the phone with a rep,

He said I have 2 amex accounts that it it possible to ask for the CLI after 61 days (3 x's) on EACH  account ...IS this correct or do I have to wait 6 months to try on  the other ??


Just approved today (countered requested 15000,got 6500) 61 day on BCP will be 61  the 15th of this month..



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Re: Amex CLI ??

I was told the opposite: that you can request a CLI after 60 days, but not if you've had a CLI on any card in the last 6 months. But you could always try and report back. That would truly be new information and very useful to those of us with multiple cards. 

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Re: Amex CLI ??

If both cards are new, you can ask for one CLI after 61 days up to 3x, and then you have to wait another 6 months before you can ask for another one on either that or any other card you have with them. It has to be 6 months in between, or you will get an instant decline....

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Re: Amex CLI ??

I'd still try to get the highest limit possible. Wait six months then ask for a 3xcli on Delta to $19,500!:-D
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Re: Amex CLI ??

I have a question


Open day in Nov 19: Delta Amex

Dec 15 Convert to BCE

When should i ask for credit increase guys ?????

She said wait until two months after the product change ???two months after Dec 15 or Nov 19.....Anyone with same situation ????


I remember one of my Fico master said just wait for original account open. Some1 confirm it please

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