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Amex Clear CLD, new Amex BCE approval, seemingly simultaneously?


Re: Amex Clear CLD, new Amex BCE approval, seemingly simultaneously?

@andyaycw wrote:

As of Feb 17th, my Amex Clear was still at a nice $20k credit limit. Tonight, I decided to apply for the Amex BCE and was instantly approved for $25k. Log back into my account and happen to notice that they apparently CLD'd my Clear account down to $10.2k. 


Interesting that they would take away $10k, yet give me $25k on a brand new account. Not sure what could have triggered the CLD either as I can't think of anything that would have hinted at any increase in risk. I've been a member with Amex for 10 years now, originally had the Amex Blue Sky, and through a few card conversions I've had the Amex Clear for the past several years. All 3 FICO scores above 800, 0 credit inquiries in prior 12 months, newest account was established 15 months ago, 1% util, <$500 credit card balances reporting, and all around low risk credit profile. 


The CLD is of no consequence to me. I only charge maybe $100 every month or so to the card, so the new lower CL of $10k is still much more than I need and I have plenty of other available credit...9 other cards with credit lines totaling around $170k or so. Perhaps Amex didn't like the risk of having $20k extended to someone who only charged $100 per month haha

Interesting, it is not a normal AA so why no ask for consent before moving CL? (pretty sure 25K is not the minimal CL they can hand out for that card so they were not forced to move it either)

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Re: Amex Clear CLD, new Amex BCE approval, seemingly simultaneously?

Update! Got a letter in the mail stating they reallocated the limits based on the spending patterns. So it sounds like exactly what others have mentioned - they knew I wouldn't mind the lower $10k limit, and gave me $25k on the new BCE to encourage higher spending. 


A few snippets of the language from the letter:


  • "We're please to inform you that your application for the BCE has been'll receive the card in 7-10 days...along with information about your credit limit"
  • "In determining your credit limit, we factored all accounts you currently have with us, including your past spending on these accounts"
  • "We noticed you also have the Clear with us and have transferred some of the credit limit to your new BCE to ensure your new card meets your needs"


Pretty smart if you ask me

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