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Amex Delta Gold 75K offer

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Amex Delta Gold 75K offer

Hello everyone,

I recently got the targeted 75K miles offer in the mail and am thinking of applying for it. However, my credit history is new, and I just wanted to check with anyone if they had luck getting approved with a thin file similar to mine.
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If I were to apply, I was thinking of doing so before the offer expires (Feb 20).

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Re: Amex Delta Gold 75K offer

Hold off for as long as you can, don’t worry about the bonus offers because if you’re already being targeted, they’ll start sending you more and more. You’re already in Amex’s radar so they’ll be sending you other targeted offers, and you’ll be able to use someone’s referral codes also to get a better card than that you might want more for the long term.
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Re: Amex Delta Gold 75K offer

These Delta Gold offer come around often. I get them every other month. They ranged from 50k to 75k sign up bonus offer.

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Re: Amex Delta Gold 75K offer

I've gotten targeted offers for 70k but never 75k. That said, I have five open and one closed Amex cards so I'm not exactly new to them.

I'd probably go for 75k. I'm even considering the 70k offer I have.
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Re: Amex Delta Gold 75K offer

The 75k offer is the best you will see from a Delta Gold card.

I would wait until early February, since that will give your file some more time to age.


In the interim, between now and the app DO NOT mess around with any AMEX cards review, no checks for "I wonder if I am prequalified, this won't affect my credit" on their web site. You have a specific targeted offer and you want to keep that from getting messed up. There are several reports of people who had targeted mailers, were uncertain of their chances, went in to check AMEX prequalification, and AMEX later said, "sorry, you used a prequalification tool. That reset (ended) our offer to you. The mailer is no longer valid".


Just trust that you will be granted the card with $1k or possibly a $2k limit, and give your file a bit more time to age. Then enjoy the 75k bonus miles and card benefits.

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Re: Amex Delta Gold 75K offer

I wouldn't apply to it either unless you are already an AMEX card holder.  I got targeted too and will apply because I already hold 4 cards with them so the chances of another offer like this 75k is rarely going to happen to me. 

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