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Amex Experian Fico

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Amex Experian Fico

I am kicking myself still for resisting the urge to apply for a TE-Costco Amex when I was there yesterday to buy a television. I had enough money to outright pay for it, but no I had to go and put in my application while I was in the store. The clerk at the store said my application did not say yes or no, but I needed to call in to further verify some information. I have one credit card from capitol one that is one year old 5/2012. Perfect payment history and have not applied for any applications since I had a second

mortgage  pre-approval 11/19/2011 for $290,000. First mortgage is $277,000 and current. For the most part, I have money to pay for most things I want and really only need the credit cards to have a good credit mix. My one credit card had a utilization of 5%. My inquires about 3-5. Some are for permissable purposes from July 2011, my daughter wanted me to co-sign for her a car, she ended up buying in her name. I have a BMW I bought 4/23/2011 that is one year old.

When I called the number they provided in the store while I was shopping. A clear english speaking agent answered and asked me for my application number and then she preceded to turn me over to a not clear english foreign speaking person. I already was alarmed when he asked me questions. He was not that clear himself, but he declined my application and did not communicate the reason. But told me to look for a letter in 7 to 10 days stating why. Why he cannot just tell me the reasons

while he has me on the phone. I proceeded to pay for my flat screen television and promptly went on line to see if I could find out the reason. The screen says" my application cannot be accessed at this time, please try later.  Does anyone know if the Amex experian fico is a credit card enhanced or the one they use for mortgage approvals.

A hard pull has already posted today for experian report. Any info, will be appreciated.




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Scores were higher but BOFA refuse to remove the late from 12/2011 that was incorrect, but reported immediately the next month correct. Probably for punishment in getting a second mortgage approval elsewhere.


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Re: Amex Experian Fico



I believe that the AMEX score pulled is a Classic FICO score, not bankcard or enhanced ~ my latest rejection letter from them states that it is a FICO score, with a range of 300 to 850.  


I'm guessing that the late from December may have been the main reason for being denied...

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Re: Amex Experian Fico

You need a couple more revolving credit lines if you only have one open. Should see nice fico raise assuming good credit behavior with cards and enough time for new account and inquiry ding to lessen.
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