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Amex FICO score

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Re: Amex FICO score

The consensus view on AMEX charge cards is that, if you are approved for a charge card, you usually have no hard cap limit, so you are getting best terms.  Thus, AMEX is not required to give you a score.


if you get best terms(lowest APR) for a given product you apply for, then they are also under this cirucmstance not required to give you a score. In all other cases, you will be given "A" score, not necessarily a FICO score, but they seem to usually give a real EX FICO.


As a side note, some banks are known to give you the requisite score even if they give you best terms, so they don't have to differentiate between best and non-best terms given.

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Re: Amex FICO score

@winstars wrote:

Didn't I read here that if you get the best terms (low APR) you don't get a score and if you don't get the best terms (higher APR) thats when you get a score??? 

New credit score disclosures began July 21st, 2011. Regulations require lenders to provide a credit score and related information when they deny a consumer's request for credit or provide credit with less favorable credit terms than other consumers with better credit histories.To help you understand these notices and how you can better manage your credit future go to ScoreInfo.




From a BK years ago to:
EX - 3/11 pulled by lender- 835, EQ - 2/11-816, TU - 2/11-782

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