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Amex FR dodged...;phew....


Re: Amex FR dodged...;phew....

NJTurnpike wrote:

jsucool76 wrote:

LS2982 wrote:

NJTurnpike wrote:

Was shopping in another town I never go to and a fraud alert occured at on my Amex card. got a popup notice on my smartphone.


Got a very polite rep on the line, she asked to update some information in my account, then came narrowly close to initiating an FR, but then decided against it. I was literally panicking in my parked car. haha.


I don't know why, but I'm still a little shaken up by it.



I said it before and i'll say it again............


I pay my bill on time in full every month. If AMEX is not happy with that, they can have their card back. Never will I give my tax info. for a CC.

I don't think you're their target for an FR. 


if you notice, most people who get FR'd (and complain about it on the forum) have their accounts closed, and probably because they lied about something on their app. 

Nothing was lied on my app. I was buying some stuff at a costco for over $1k over 50 miles from my home address. I never have shopped there before. so i guess that flagged my account. I called, they asked for some updated info, then gave me a spiel about spending patterns and thanked me for being patient. the csr was extremely polite and respectful and said she will not be needing additional documentation for my business platinum.

This isn't an FR.  Not certain how you drew that conclusion; based on what you posted, if that's the complete extent of the conversation, that's simply fraud detection, no different than BOFA, Chase, even Orchard in my experience.


As a general user who thinks FR's are well overblown to a ridiculous degree here on this forum, I would suggest perhaps modifying the title if this is all it really was?


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