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Amex Gold Approval!!!

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Amex Gold Approval!!!

I just got the card I've wanted FOREVER.


I applied KNOWING that I would get declined yesterday afternoon just to hopefully get on their softing/pre-approval list.


Some guy called me today, needed to verify my address with my bank, and said I was approved and welcomed me to the Amex family.  I was speechless for like 2 minutes.  I almost fainted.


I'm so excited.  Couldn't have done it without you guys!!!!!!!

My favorite card right now: Fidelity Investment Rewards Visa Signature
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Re: Amex Gold Approval!!!

Congrats! I love my amex.

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Re: Amex Gold Approval!!!


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Re: Amex Gold Approval!!!

That's awesome! Congratulations!

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Re: Amex Gold Approval!!!

Hey, Wow big congrats! Could you share specifics? I see your scores but did you have any baddies? What about utilization? I'm currently at 24% Utilization TU is 693 and EX is 702 however I have several baddies. Two CO are falling off next month. Two more baddies fell off this month. So come November I will have two baddies. One is Auto Loan with 4 30 days late from 5 years ago (I've been fighting them for two years to remove since I was never late) and another loan acct that I've GW'd and nothing. That was like 6 years ago. Once the two items fall off next month I'd like to apply for an AMEX card but what do you think my chances will be with baddies still on my report?
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Re: Amex Gold Approval!!!

feels goodddddddd

starting score 549
current score 702 TU , 708 EQ, EX ??
goal score 740

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Re: Amex Gold Approval!!!

Congratulations AMEX will grow with you

Starting Score: EQ 546 TU 566
Current Score: EQ 693TU 08 729 EX 08 738Need to Garden/New Accounts
Goal Score: 800
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