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Amex Gold Card Authorized User Benefits?

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Amex Gold Card Authorized User Benefits?

Hey everyone,

A few months ago my wife was approved for an AMEX Gold Card and she immediately added me as an AU. I was wondering what benefits come with it as I don't think they'll be the same benefits as the main card. Does anybody have a resource that lists the differences in benefits? All I have been able to find info on is the Gold Card that is a AU card for the Platinum but that's not what i'm looking for.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Amex Gold Card Authorized User Benefits?

Far as I’ve seen, any benefits your wife gets with the primary account will extend to you. You’ll earn MRs at the same rate (they go to her pile though - AUs don’t get a separate accumulation), you’ll be able to use the monthly dining credit unless she beats you to it, likewise the other perks. The perks and benefits are per account, not per card, and all cards on the account qualify to use them equally.

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Re: Amex Gold Card Authorized User Benefits?

Thanks for the info boss. I appreciate it. 

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