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Amex Green Due Dates

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Re: Amex Green Due Dates

sammyfire2001 wrote:

So I called AmEx to find out when my next due date would be (my current cycle ends Jun 3) and the rep told me that the next due date would Jul 3.  I asked well how can that be since my next billing cycle should end around that date.  She told me that I have a month to pay my balance.  Is that true?!?  


I'm confused because I always see a due date when my cycles ends and I'm 100% sure that it is not a month later.

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Their actual wording is a little vague.


Two verbatim quotes from their website:

If you have an American Express charge card, payment is due in full when you receive your monthly statement. The "pay in full" nature of the charge card assures Cardmembers that no finance charges will be assessed on the charge card balance. As a payment reminder, we include a "Please Pay By Date" on the statement, a suggested payment date that is two weeks after the statement closing date. Based on Cardmember eligibility and tenure, we offer flexible payment services to extend payment on certain transactions. Click here to learn more about paying charges over time.



If you fail to pay the balance owed on any enrolled charge card account within 30 days of the billing date on your monthly billing statement, you will not accrue points for your eligible spending on that account during the period covered by that statement and they will be forfeited.

A verbatim quote from my most recent monthly statement


Statement Information: The amount due on any statement is payable upon receipt of the statement and must be paid by the closing date of the next statement to keep your account current.


I would interpret this as meaning the true deadline is just before the next statement cuts.  At any rate, I have been acting on this interpretation since 1982 without negative consequences.



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