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Amex Hilton HHonors or Amex Starwood Preferred??

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Re: Amex Hilton HHonors or Amex Starwood Preferred??

CreditScholar wrote:

09Lexie wrote:

I got the email yesterday from Hilton and I must say it took the wind out of my sails. I had planned to app for the Amex Honors but now I'm not so sure I- just might app for something else.  Smiley Frustrated



I had a more detailed look at the changes and they're not as bad as I first thought. The places that got hit the hardest was the beach/resort locations. If you like Hawaii, Maldives, Seychelles, etc. then yes, the devaluation is pretty bad. Most other places I looked at increased about 20-25%, which is not that much worse than some other devaluations this year. Exceptions so far that I've found are the Conrad Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore. Those got hit pretty hard.

I think the "seasonal" pricing impacted my plans as much as the general increases. It also impacted the "aspirational" crowd more than the "free nights when convenient" crowd. For me, a great deal will hinge on if axon remains and if/how it gets applied to category 8-10 hotels. I still stay primarily at Hilton properties, so having some sort of card makes sense. But personally, I will probably not be able to do as many "cool things" because of hhonors points in the future as I have been able to in the past few years. But the sky is not falling, as one would think from some blog posts.

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