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Amex MR point experts, your advice sought

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Re: Amex MR point experts, your advice sought

@KJinNC wrote:

I just priced out a flight using Delta SkyMiles. It is cheaper to fly to from RDU to Dusseldorf than Frankfurt for the date range I picked, so I went with that. Round trip for main cabin economy for two people comes to 144,000 miles plus some fees. So, if I transfer my 52k points into 52k SkyMiles, I guess I'd get a little more than 1/3rd off.


I have priced tickets (cash purchase) at around $2,000 or $2,200 elsewhere, so, depending what I'd need to pay along with the points, that makes me think those points would be worth around $700.


Does this seem like a good approach, or would I probably come out ahead to use some other partner? Thanks!

You should go ahead to create a profile with the three major domestics, Delta, American and United. You may end up on a paid flight and it’s a way to earn miles then, and see prices and such. Joining some of the international carriers also helps, though my experience is inscrutable web sites with no clear availability.  


The Delta miles aren’t a simple replacement for some of the cash. You are best served to have oodles of MR or UR ( or both if transfer partners are same ). 


Hotel points are best earned through hotel stays, or on hotel cards as the transfer from general points are disappointing. Except Hyatt, in my opinion.  

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Re: Amex MR point experts, your advice sought

check google flight price graph and figure out a good travel date first.


e.g., on Delta, I found RDU to FRA for $800-900 rt between sept 18-25, 48k miles +122 surcharge. So only 96k +244 for 2.

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