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Re: Amex Member Since

Wolf3 wrote:

Walt_K wrote:

llecs wrote:

Wolf3 wrote:

Why leave the entry with the bogus info about Punjabs Centurion Bank.   It is in bold type, several paragraphs and much more likely to be read than this post.  


I think your response as moderator is insufficient.

...because whether a poster is correct or incorrect, we won't remove posts based on the content of the information. Otherwise, half the posts in these forums would be zapped, including some of mine, yours, and others.

Although it would be nice if people would edit their own posts when they find out they have given incorrect information to the extent practicable (and I am pointing that finger at myself as much as anyone else).

Good Point



RyVision please edit the false information from your post.



I almost edited. Then I saw the word "false" and being that it's not totally false, only a bit exaggerated for lack of "little details" about different countries and the way banks are all over the world etc. I'll cross out some things as exaggerated, but not necessarily false.


I have to admit, my post on above was not the focus of my day. The important part was addressing the backdating issue, the details of the companies themselves aren't really part of the answer to the question, only a bit of an explanation as to a POSSIBILITY as why they may have to search archives.


If you want to fact check, I'll help. I would have accepted a request to remove "somewhat erroneous information" but not flat out term "false".


Now read and decide for yourselves.


Carefully (there's a name of a bank mentioned later in class) read the second paragraph:


The suit filed by members over outsourcing to other countries


The actual filing   (kind of makes my point, page 11, article\line 46)


Under "workplace" scroll to the bottom of the page, to the left of the picture of the office in Rome Italy and just above the heading "job satisfaction" you'll see the words "back office" or you can just edit and search for "back" and find the paragraph.


This is what "back office" means in this context:


Here, search for "American Express" which is the last paragraph under the heading "21st century" and right above the photo of the Standard Chartered Bank (about half way down the page): 


Here look under "History" for the year 2005 (easy to find on page, near top):


Here look under "History" for 2008 (again easy find, 1\3rd down page):



Read and absorb all of it. Then tell me "that company" is all "here" in operations and all that info doesn't imply otherwise.   "False" .. um, not really, other than the main company wasn't taken over by the others, only started doing some business together (like sharing customer files etc).

Feel free to research further if you wish.  It would also be nice if people would also research deeper than their assumptions (or trust in a company's PR page) before claiming someone who has looked deeper, is making false statements. If anyone thinks companies go out of their way to tell the public who they're "in bed with" you're mistaken. Everything is kind of global now and sometimes it messes things up, like who knows where an old account is and how to find it.

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Re: Amex Member Since

Switch2007 wrote:

I suppose I want to understand better... I was just added as AU on my DH AMEX Blue. It says Member since 11... not 04 when he became a member. Do I care about that as long as it shows on my CR that I have his history? Someone please explain that to me? I've seen so many people comment about this, and it's making me think that perhaps it's a bigger deal than I'm able to understand.


I have three AMEX accounts, all opened in 2011. One of my cards shows the member since date as 2011, the other two show 1984. All three report as open in 1984. This is the date that matters to me.


I added my son as AU on one of the accounts. While his card shows 2011 his credit file shows the open date as 1984. His AAoA increased substantially as a result of me adding him on the account. As with me, this is all that mattered to him.

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Re: Amex Member Since

Okey-dokey, thread locked again for moderator review. And btw, there was research done the first time around.

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Re: Amex Member Since

Thanks to those that responded to my question. I'm a tad bit disappointed in the direction that this thread went, but so be it. Again, thanks for answering the question that was at hand.

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