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Amex Missing Card

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Amex Missing Card

I plan on applying for the Amex gold Delta when I get under 2/90 this week but the card isn't showing for me on the cards page. Will it show up for me on day 91 or do I need to apply in incog?

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Re: Amex Missing Card

The Amex Platinum disappear from my card page after I got deny for it 4 months ago. Still not showing up.


You can always apply in incognito or through a referral link. 

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Re: Amex Missing Card

The gold charge disappeared for 3-4 months after a denial for me. Wasn't happy because it was during the rose gold fiasco.

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Re: Amex Missing Card

I also had the Gold disappear for me after a denial near May 10-12th (it had been present but not preapproved). It was back on the 26th and preapproved this time. I applied and got it. I’m not really sure about the patterns with their preapprovals.

@BES, I wish they’d bring back the rose gold - I’d have loved to get that for the unique look. I wasn’t nearly positioned for Gold back when they had the color available.

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Re: Amex Missing Card

Not sure you'd need to go incognito.  Does it show when actually going straight to the product page?

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Re: Amex Missing Card

Thats interesting. I was preapproved for the Platinum and went to applied, got the NO-SUB pop-up(probably because of the 2 AmEx cards I got the month prior) and I decided not to apply...The card has disappeared from my line-up but in incognito or if I google AmEx Platinum and go the homepage I'm still pre-approved. 

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