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Amex Optima/Oasis program

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Re: Amex Optima/Oasis program

Thanks for the update, did you apply as well
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Re: Amex Optima/Oasis program

Update: received a email confirmation last night my application have been approved for $500.00 woo hoo!!!! should I call and ask for the 1k CL or leave it alone. This card will have very minimun usage. I wonder if they can backdate membership.

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Re: Amex Optima/Oasis program

Received the CC this week and was bored this morning and read the entire 8 pages of the cardmember agreement and IT DOES NOT say anything about the 36 month you can't upgrade, apply for CLI or apply for another of there products...however I was able to talked to a lady from amex yesterday and backdate my membership to 2006 so new cards are been issue and mailed. It feels great to be back to the Amex family. Have someone who has this card have receive something different.

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Re: Amex Optima/Oasis program

I had an Optima/Oasis card for 7 years. 

900 Limit, Never approved for a CLI, No rewards of any type. 

If you try to apply for another AMEX it will get declined for having an active recovery product ( You won't get a hard pull though if you get that decline )

You will have to cancel the Optima to just apply, Calling them doesn't help, they will tell you the same. 

Then... After you eventually cancel it, it's not a guarenteed acceptance. I still got declined by them, even after 7 years of perfect payment on the Oasis. 

( Two month later, I tried again, and finally got an approval )


I suggest keeping it until you are able to get them scores up. 


Also if anyone is interested in backdating with an Optima here is my personal expirence... 


Backdating the Optima itself... They will not backdate to a card that was charged off, even if PIF. 

Backdating a new card after the Optima is closed... They will backdate to the Optima's opening date, No problem when I recently asked. 


Of course.. YMMV... This is from my own recent personal expirence with AMEX. 

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Re: Amex Optima/Oasis program

Thank you for sharing this Wolfman. The first time I called customer service the lady told me they can't change my backdate because of the Optima product but I call again yesterday and it was changed to original date(2006) and waiting for new cards, now I don't know if theres a different by changing membership date or backdate....I read on a different thread that when you call them to ask to change the membership date and that's the same..

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Re: Amex Optima/Oasis program

I spoke with a friend and he told me that Amex has two tiers of the Oasis Card. The first one is the standard Oasis and the second one is the card that was created as part of the settlement with the CFPB. The rates, fees, and other features had to be approved by the CFPB. Which is why there is no annual fee, the APR is lower, eligible for reward miles, and limit increase after 3 years.

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Re: Amex Optima/Oasis program

I also receive my pre-approved application. I filled it out and mailed it back in the same day (3-17-2013).  Called two weeks ago to check the status at which time I was informed that they have not yet received the application. They were able to resend me another application which I still have not received after two weeks. I have called several times this week and they will not send me another application. I can only hope that I receive it in the next few days to meet the deadline. I plan on calling to find out my options as to filing a complaint with the FDIC and cfbp. I really want back in with American Express.

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Re: Amex Optima/Oasis program

Have you check on their application status website, that's how I was checked my application but also received a HP alert from equifax member service. Here's the link to check the status. Good luck

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