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Amex Plan It Experiences

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Re: AMEX Plan It Question

As part of the BCP upgrade no-fee promo...


$1k state taxes, 18 months

~$1k home improvement store, 24 months

~$1,300 insurance payment, 24 months


Each plan is a single purchase, and each purchase was made after the preceding purchase's plan was created. $16k CL on BCP with trivial balances on my other Amex cards.


1% cash back is nothing amazing, but I'll keep using the card as long as they keep giving me nice repayment options on the purchase before. I'll likely be buying a refrigerator before 9/30 so might put it on BCP - or a Citi card before 9/22 for price protection.

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Mostly earning MRs and cash back as I use up hotel and airline points spread across several programs.
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Re: AMEX Plan It Question

I decided to try Plan It since I have an offer of $0 fee plans if done before end of September.


$300 purchase, was offered 18, 21 or 24 month plans.  (Of course I took the 24 months since it's 0% money for 2 years.)


Credit limit is only $1000 on this Delta Gold card, but I do plan to use all of the 0% money offered.

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Re: Amex Plan It Experiences

I've used Plan It a few times now for our auto insurance premiums.  It is about the same cost to charge the entire 6 month premium to our Gold Delta Skymiles card and pay the Plan It fees as it is to have the insurnace company bill in installments, so I figured I might as well go the Plan It route and get some Miles out of it.  The charge is around $850 and I plan it for 6 months.  However, a notice popped up the other day saying I'm a "Plan It Pro" and offering to let me combine up to 10 purchases into one plan. 



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Re: Amex Plan It Experiences

I just used the Plan It feature for the first time ever on a large purchase of mine with zero fees. I had lots of payments come through at the same time (home remodel/wedding/etc) so the timing of this is great! I'll keep everyone posted how the overall experience is once I am done with it. 

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