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Amex Platinum 50K bonus MR points

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Amex Platinum 50K bonus MR points

I've seen a couple people apply for Amex platinum cards recently and it isn't clear whether they've taken advantage of the 50K bonus offer.  If you're going to apply for this card, make sure you search for this offer.  A simple google search should turn it up.  I know it is also available on  You have to be a first-time platinum cardholder.  And you'll probably have to clear your cookies for the link to work.


This is also a reminder to search out the best bonus offers on any card before you apply.  thepointsguy is a good resource.  As are flyertalk and milepoint especially if  you are considering travel rewards credit cards.  Other examples, Amex offers 10K bonus points for the SPG card, but if you apply through spg's website, you get an additional 15K bonus points if you spend $15K in 6 months.  The Amex Hilton HHonors card gives more bonus points if you apply through Hilton's page than if you apply through Amex's page. 


I just want members to stop for a second and consider their apps carefully.  Not just in terms of what it will do to your credit, but also to maximize value you can get from your cards.

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Re: Amex Platinum 50K bonus MR points

Great Post!!  Nice to see something a little different on the boards than the usual stuff.  I read FT a lot and they are usually on the mark with the latest travel credit card offers and bonus incentive programs out there.  Speaking of Amex, there is a "targeted" mailing for the Amex Gold card that offers a sign up and spend bonus of 75k points, which is a great offer.  The nice thing about the Amex MR points program is that the points are transferable to a number of airline frequent flyer programs.  By doing a little research you can find some great stuff out there and they seem to occur almost every month.  I've taken advantage of the 75k American Airlines offer and, honestly, it's not a bad credit card program.  I constantly receive offers to build more miles onto my account by purchasing through specific vendors or opening up checking/investment accounts with different financial institutions.  There are also a number of airline/hotel partnerships out there that allow users to use points from one program towards purchases with their affiliates.  If anything, it does make some interesting reading on a boring night.


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