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Amex Platinum Pre-Approval

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Amex Platinum Pre-Approval

Today I received a pre-approval from Amex for the Platinum card. All I know is this card carries a whopping $450 annual fee & it’s awesome to look at. Lol. But just wondering, what other reasons would someone have for obtaining this card? Traveling I guess would be a great reason, but I can’t think of any other reasons. The rewards maybe???  Are there any extremely exclusive perks that come with this card?

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Re: Amex Platinum Pre-Approval

There are lots of threads on this card here and on flyertalk.  I suggest you run some searches.  Main benefit is the airline lounge access.

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Re: Amex Platinum Pre-Approval



I plan on getting this card in Jan. Its mostly a travelers card. A few benefits: Fine hotels and resorts, Priority Pass, 200 airline credit, 20% points back when booking travel with membership rewards first, global entry, preferred seating, concierge, event protection, limo and private jet service, and a few warranty protections. If used right, the benefits can outweigh the annual fee.

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Re: Amex Platinum Pre-Approval

VIP status when traveling. This CC is made for travelers who only want the best of the best when traveling. If you are not a frequent traveler, than the perks imho, doesn't really benefit you at all. Esp., having to pay the whopping AF. For the ones who travels often, this card is the way to go.

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Re: Amex Platinum Pre-Approval

Thanks everyone... Looks like i'll have to pass on this card. Smiley Happy

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