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Amex 'Protection'

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Re: Amex 'Protection'

@12velectronics wrote:
The reason I ask is because I'll be going to a work convention (CES2017) in January and because of the massive amount of people coming from all over the place, my colleague and I had to resort to using an airliner and hotel that aren't top tier. I would want all the protections I can get when dealing with merchants that aren't known for the best customer service, especially during the havoc of CES week. I ended up booking using my United Mileage card.

If you're worried about some sort of billing mixup, Amex and Chase are good.


But purchase protections are usually more about stuff breaking or not being as described. If a flight is late, travel delay insurance may be helpful, but new Platinum accounts lack it (IMO, the card's biggest flaw). If a hotel room is disgusting, I'm not really sure what "protection" a CC might offer as long as you got the room type for which you paid.

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