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Amex Recon Process

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Amex Recon Process

I applied for an Amex Gold Charge Card with hopes of getting my foot in the door.  My application came back denied but I wanted to a recon a shot.  I called new accounts who went ahead and submitted my application back for manual review.  Afterwarmds, I faxed another credit report to their media team and called the executive office 1 day later to find out if the media team recieved this fax.


The women on the other end was very friendly and helpful with my situation.  I explained my story  and she emailed the review team for a response.  She mentioned they usually respond within 24-48 hours and she will call me back when she hears something.  


This was last Monday, should I call for a status update or wait?


Here is the fun fact, my app went from In Progress to Declined on Friday and I checked today, back to In Progress.

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Re: Amex Recon Process

I would absolutely call them.  They said you'll hear in one to two days and you've been waiting a week.  Good luck!

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Re: Amex Recon Process

Thanks man. i will give this a shot after work today.

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Re: Amex Recon Process

Good luck

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