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Amex Starwoods Preferred

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Amex Starwoods Preferred

Has anyone gotten this card recently? If so, can you share alittle credit info (score, inq's, any baddies, etc). I really would like to app for this card. I'm a pretty regular starwoods hotel guest so I would love to get the points. If anyone can share their recent experience with card, that would be great.



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Re: Amex Starwoods Preferred

I got mine in Jan 2010.  Had a previous relationship with Amex for about 2 yrs.  Blue Cash and Green Charge card.  The Blue limit was over $10k.  My scores in the 710 range.  Last baddies were 90 day lates 5 yrs ago.  Mortgage, student loans, no car note, no CO's or BK's.  I applied online and instantly approved.  The CL was paltry though...only $2k despite having many cards north of $10K CL.  I was hoping to do a CL transfer from my Blue (lower CL on Blue and move to Starwood CL) to the Starwood since I dont use the Blue as much but no can do with Amex.  The CSR did tell me to call in after 60 days to request CLI but I still haven't done so.   It cost me a hard inquiry on EX here in TX with 4 inqs on the books upon application.


Make sure you search around the web.  Some sites have links where you get much more than the standard promotional 10k points after your first purchase.   I believe the promotional rate was 2.9% APR for 6 mths.  Easy to transfer points and use for Starwood hotel stays and a perennial fan favorite for travelers.

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