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Amex TPC under Financial Review

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Re: Amex TPC under Financial Review

There’s nothing that customer service is going to be able to do except transfer you to the department handling your account now.

Financial reviews are handled by a different department which has much more authority then front line CSR’s. They have the final say and I would hazard a guess that the only people in a position to override that is very high up the corporate ladder.

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Re: Amex TPC under Financial Review


At BofA my balances currently are zero.
At Amex, my balance currently is the $4k dolllar, but the balance for this month bill still didnt close.
Should I pay Amex before the closing date? So my next bill will close at $0 dollar.
I called 800-678-0738 and the number that called me is 623-492-4206. I think they are US based, but cant be sure about that.
Friday I called them again, my account manager wasnt there and I talked with her co-worker, he seems to have understand me, I didnt tell him any stories, but exactly my situation and what could I do or them do to get me out the financial review.


Yes. When I called amex customer service they redirected me to the financial review department. The attendant told me that could t do anything but send my call to my account manager.
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Re: Amex TPC under Financial Review

Just paid my entire ballance. Next closing date is September 15. Dunno if it may helps my situation.
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Re: Amex TPC under Financial Review

Please keep us updated.

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Re: Amex TPC under Financial Review

Guys, good news: I managed to get out of the financial analysis and my cards are ready to use again. I was able to talk to my account manager and had to explain all the transactions I made on my card, and put forward the following arguments to justify my income with US AMEX:

“First off, I am a non resident alien and I applied for the card and got approved as a non resident alien.
So, I don’t have Social Security Number and neither the Tax Form issued by the United States.

I can do the following:

Send the copy of my foreign passport recognized by the United States Embassy in Brazil.

Go to US Embassy in Brazil to fill a form in the presence of licensed notary, so all my information can be verified under US Laws. Some friends that were under Financial Review did this way and solved the problem with their accounts.

Another way would be for me to send you my bank statement with Bank of America, “whereby”/where you can verify that I have sufficient income and balance to pay all, current, and future debits on my American Express card.

I can also send bills of my Bank of America card, which expenses are equivalent to what I spent on American Express.

We can also do a 3-way call with Bank of America to verify my account there and the income.

I can also send my assets in Brazil, which are larger than the $ 80,000 of annual income. American express's global transfer program requests this type of document when issuing US dollar cards to latin america.

I can also send bills of my Brazilian American Express The Platinum Card, which expenses are a lot higher than what I spent on American Express.

Also submit my Brazilian income tax return recognized by the US embassy in Brazil, which will confirm my annual income of eighty thousand dollars.

If possible, I can also pay the entire amount of my Debits

I paid all my balances before calling her back.

After presenting these points, the account manager said she would reevaluate my situation and, after about 30 minutes to 1 hour, she called back telling me that my account was removed from the financial review. I didn't have to send her any documents.
So now I have my cards back.
I would like to thank you very much for your help. If it were not for the advice received here, I certainly would not have been able to get out of this situation with amex us. thank you!
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Re: Amex TPC under Financial Review

Congratulations OP on a successful conclusion to a stressful situation.

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Re: Amex TPC under Financial Review

congrats + a tip to you or really anyone.  if there is a fr or account lock or any sort of hint of aa pay every account in question to zero on the spot.  stories are much nicer and often end better when there is zero risk to the lender.  imo

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Re: Amex TPC under Financial Review

'First off, I am a non resident alien'


As has been stated, no you are not. I know you like to think of it this way, but it isn't true. You're just an alien. An NRA lives in the US on a visa. You really should stop using this terminology that is factually and legally incorrect.


In other regards, I'm glad you got it sorted.

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Re: Amex TPC under Financial Review

@wowzera I'm glad your situation had a happy ending.


Since the issue is resolved the thread has run its course and is now closed to new messages.

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