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Amex Travel 2x points question.

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Amex Travel 2x points question.

it has to be booked through the american express website right? 


as in i cant book from anywhere it has to be directly throught them? travel. etc...

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Re: Amex Travel 2x points question.

As I understand it, yes. They seem to have comparable rates in my limited experience.
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Re: Amex Travel 2x points question.

Yes you have to book through their travel site and although the rates are comparable you pay an extra 13.95 or something like that for the service.

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Re: Amex Travel 2x points question.

At first it seems like a good deal, but I find that you can get better rates using other travel websites. The 2X points isn't really worth it unless you are spending tons. I usually just go for the cheapest rate online.

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