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Amex TrueEarnings app results

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Amex TrueEarnings app results

I was worried - I had applied and gotten the "if you're approved, we'll send you a card in 7 days" response and then I went through my mail of the day (like a minute later) and I had an invite to apply....then I checked my status and they had no record, which freaked me out.  I used the code from my invite and filled out the info again - what is up with the income source question?  Options are "Other / part time / self employed / student" - it's just weird filling out "Other" for full time employment.  Anyway, my re-app was on Wednesday and here's the results:

Amex TrueEarnings Card.JPG

Starting Score: EQ 583 TU04 619 EX 592 (lender pull) 2010
Previous High Score: EQ 700 TU04 712 EX 726
Current Score: EQ 740 TU(Discover) 750 EX(AMEX) 747
Goal Score: 740+ all around

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Re: Amex TrueEarnings app results

Congratulations!!  I app'd in the store for mine.  It was pretty instant and they told me my CL.  It typically takes longer if you app online because they have to verify your Costco membership status.  You should go to the store soon and have your picture taken for the card.  The pic is different from the "mugshot" they take on their regular membership cards as it is in color (and a lot clearer).  I love my card and use it all of the time.

CCs: Chase Freedom VS 12.9k, CSP VISA Sg 13k, BofA Amex 24.5k, Discover 12.5k, US Bank Cash+ Visa Sg 17k, Macy's Amex 8k/1.5k, Gap Visa 10k, Best Buy 11.1k, Citi TY MC 10.8k, Citi AA Amex 6k, Nordstrom VS 10k, Costco Amex 12k, BofA CR VS 5k, Amex BCP 13.5k, Amex ED 5k, Sears MC 9k, HD 7k, Target 600, Amazon 7k, US Bank MC 15k, US Airways MC 8k, NFL Visa 4k, Patelco Visa 10k, Penfed PR VS 44.6k, Chase Hyatt VS 8k, Citi Simplicity 13.3k, PayPal MC 7.5k, BBVA Visa 4k, WF VS 14k, FNBO Amex 14.1k, OCCU VISA 15k, TR Visa Sg 16.3k, C1 QS Visa 11k, FRN MC 15k, HSN 4k, Saks WEMC 10k/4k, Chase Ink 18k, Arrival WEMC 10k, Ebates VS 8k, Orbitz VS 12k, NASA V 30k, USBk FP VS 21.5k, DC 30k, VirgAm 15k, Sams MC 15k, Amex Bz Gold, Amex SC 10k, BofW Bz MC 18k
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Re: Amex TrueEarnings app results



I think you'll really like this card. Which Costco membership level do you have, gold or executive?


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