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Amex...What are my chances...

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Amex...What are my chances...

So 9 yrs ago around the fall of the dot com I settled with Amex on one account and left a balance of 2514.00


The other account I had with them was a plat amex, never late paid 43k in full, which still in on my credit report 


I want to develop a good relationship with them again so I am going to slowly pay this balance off (2514)


I want to know if you think after paying this off and with my fico score of 730, WITH a BK on my report, do you think they will approve me?


OR is Amex totally against any all al BK's on credit reports


They were never included in BK just to clarify 



What do you think? 

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Re: Amex...What are my chances...

Search the board for "Oasis" there are lots of people who have paid amex charge offs and regained card membership.  You want to have the deal in place before you pay them off that you will pay them off and they will give you an Optima card.  If you don't want to go that route you might be able to get a Green charge card but in your case with the BK I would make arrangements for the guaranteed Optima card.
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Re: Amex...What are my chances...

I read on another board that I could get the Oasis program, but because of the BK they won't approve me for the real Optima when the Oasis program is paid off.


I guess I will wait.


Thank you for the feedback 

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