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Amex and Western Union

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Re: Amex and Western Union

always206 wrote:
Although that is a possible idea, taking out money from my Roth may hold additional implications. That isn't an option. I can come up with 3,100 in cash, but it will take me a month, and by that time in afraid they will have repossessed it by then. If a vehicle is locked in a garage will they force entry? Or are they limited to open commons?

They can get a court order and ask local police to enforce it, by then locked garage won't be able to stop them.

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Re: Amex and Western Union

Don´t you have another card you could use? Even so it may not have a 0% APR.


Using Amexco for WU or Moneygramm will most certainly give you lots of problems. I understand, that you want to help your mother and ofc save the car. Esp. for it is worth that much. But you really do not want a FR from Amexco, if you can avoid it.


Wouldn´t it be able for you, to use the card for normal expenses and not PIF at the end of the months? So you could use that money for the carpayment.


And once they have a court order, you cannot stop them from taking it.

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Re: Amex and Western Union

flowfaster wrote:
Just be ready for a FR if any of those companies show up on your Amex statement.



Use other CC to pay for it. Just link it up on paypal.


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Re: Amex and Western Union

any other family members or close friends that can loan you the extra 1k? 

im sure they would understand the situation. 


i tried to do the same with my car taxes and toyota only accepts checks and or debit cards/ bank accounts to pay. so i couldnt get any cash back on that =/ 

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Re: Amex and Western Union

Is the Amex 0% on just purchases or balance transfers too?


If you can (and still get the promo rate) I would cash advance another card that isn't so easy to spook and then balance transfer immediately to Amex.

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