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Amex approved Zync & BCE one Hard Pull

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Re: Amex approved Zync & BCE one Hard Pull

Yes for sure.

I seemed to have lucked out with Amex


I originally just had one gold card back in 1983.

I would think only one card would count towards back dating.


But I am new to all this.

I am surprised they even gave me these cards with such a thin history.


I will just use them lightly so they report to the CRA's and hopefully get increases in my credit limit as the accounts age.





Amex Zync NPSL 9/12, Amex CostcoTrue Earnings $10K 9/12
Amex BCE $3K 9/12 (Amex Back Dated to 1983)
Chase Sapphire Preferred $17K 11/12, Chase Freedom $7K 11/12
Discover More $750 11/12
CapitalOne Platinum Secured Card 2K 2/12 (Closed 12/12)
FICO: EQ = 804 EX = 802(Amex) TU = 801(Discover)
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