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Amex backdating for closed account

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Amex backdating for closed account

Question for the group - my DW had an Amex Gold years ago (opened in 1986 - closed it in 2002) - it is scheduled to fall off her EX report in Aug 2012. She doesn't have her own Amex now, but is an AU on my TE and BCP cards which are backdated to 11/99. If I have her app on her own for either a Zync or something else, will they backdate it to 1986 or only to 1999? Also, would it make a difference if she apps while the old account is still on her CR?  Thanks in advance.

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Re: Amex backdating for closed account

It should go back to the original date she first had any account with them, so 1986. They look at their own internal records. However if the card comes and it's not backdated she can call to straighten it out. If they can't find it in the computer it might be useful to have a card number or an account number or a copy of a CR with the account info on it.

When she logs into the AmEx (you can have different logins for different AUs) it should say at the top - THANK YOU FOR BEING A CARDMEMBER SINCE xxxx which should be what it backdates to.

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