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Amex bonus question/Recent Activity Observation

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Amex bonus question/Recent Activity Observation

Hi everyone, two completely different questions but didn't want to clutter up the board with two threads.

1) I just hit the 1000 threshold on my amex today (700 posted from last week, 300 pending). I had a rep tell me it posts "immediately" so should I expect it when all transactions hard post to my account? Or maybe first statement?

2) I have never seen a more detailed recent activity section!! For example, under details for one of my 5 trip transactions from Expedia, it told me the airline, that I was going from Seattle to Denver, and a few other details. And with another in the details , it said Ticketmaster for the transaction, but details said Mariners vs Rockies!! I love it! Chase , boa, Citi aren't that detailed. And here I was impressed that Discover had a google map of where you used your card for transactions..pfft!! Lol
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Re: Amex bonus question/Recent Activity Observation

Bonus usually shows up a couple days after all the minimum spend has posted.

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