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Amex charge card

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Amex charge card



What lowest credit scores you may need to obtain an Amex Green Charge card? Which Credit Bureau do they usually check?



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Re: Amex charge card

They pull Experian.  If your file is borderline, they might pull one or both of EQ and TU. 


I don't know what their minimum score is. It would be hard to say.  Not all scores are created equal.  A person with very little history could have a 700 score and may still be denied.  A person with a lot of history, no recent negatives, and a 680 score might get approved.  Check out whogavemecredit and see if there is any info there. 


If I had to guess, all else being equal, I'd say 680 is probably pretty safe.  Generally, they don't like to see lates within the past 2 years. 

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Re: Amex charge card


Maybe list out your credit file and we work from there.

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Re: Amex charge card

Got an SPG after AU for 6 months, had fico 703 with 8 year tradeline (AU) on a City, primary just one one lousy card with a 2K limit. But high income, but it's the tradeline that did it for me... Call your mom or someone in the fan that can add you as an AU and you are set to go
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Re: Amex charge card

AMEX pulls EX all the time for me. I seen on here that 650+ could get you in, but YMMV.  Have you tried the pre approval site?

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Re: Amex charge card

people have gotten in as low as 620's but not common, probably had a solid credit file but with few derogs like medical collections. Amex doesn't seem to take medical collections as seriously as other banks.

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Re: Amex charge card

like the guy said, try the pre-approval site works, I got to choose between 3 card ...zync ,green and gold... no hard pull  .....just your last 4 numbers of  your s.s and name. My gold card was in my hand in 6 days

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Re: Amex charge card
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Re: Amex charge card

With AMEX income is a big factor if you are making north of 40k a year your chances are better, and since charge cards are only 1 month loans they have very low credit requirements, if you have good income and have a 650 or higher fico and a year of credit history with no recent baddies, you stand a good chance. 



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Re: Amex charge card

Repo-ed wrote:

it's honestly a horrible site, I would go to creditboards credit pull database since it's more accurate since most people who post there know the difference between Fico and Fako. whogavemecredit i suspect is mostly fako.

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