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Amex charge monthly usage

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Re: Amex charge monthly usage

jj10939 wrote:

Why is everyone so concerned with AMEX doing AA or FR on their accounts?  As long as they are approving your transactions and you are paying them off when you are supposed to and not breeching your account agreement with them, then I don't see how there is anything to worry about?


I have never worried about my AMEX.  I use it exclusively for gas and grocery purchases for the 2x points on the PR Gold card and have had no issue whatsoever.

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Re: Amex charge monthly usage

Well I can't speak for anyone else but it's a major inconvenience to be somewhere and have your charges not get approved. So after all the horror stories Amex user just try to avoid that situation by any means. And it doesn't hurt to ask questioned and to hear other people's experiences with Amex whether good or bad.

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