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Amex credit cards

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Amex credit cards



I used to have Amex cards, but due to my bad fortune I got in the debt tangle and lost them to charge -off's. Finally since I could not pay and 7 years went by the entries are gone from the CR's. Now as my situation is improving I am craving to re-apply for them.


Question: How likely is it to get them approved if I apply for them now?



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Re: Amex credit cards

That depends. If you have paid AMEX for the past CO's then you stand a good chance at getting back in with them. If you haven't paid the CO's, and just let them simply age off your CR'S, then Amex is gonna say NO WAY. if your willing to do right by AmEx and go back and pay them what you owe, they will do right by you. I really cant recall anyone being able to re-obtain an AmEx while still owing an outstanding debt to them, but i could be wrong. Sometimes people are able to slip through the cracks but its really rare and highly unlikely. Your best bet, if your able, would be to pay AMEX whatever you owe them.

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Re: Amex credit cards

Ive got a Amex Sky and had Green charge card in BK back about 8 years ago about $800 that i never paid.

Amex Sky approved on July of 2012 and was denied CLI for CO after 61 days....


I'm not sure if i'm ever going to get CLI but going to try again once my balance is at zero since IM taking advantage of 0 % financing.

Starting limit $2000.

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Re: Amex credit cards

some people get lucky and slip through the cracks, but most people get stuck paying back every penny just to get back in. My friend had an Amex 20+ years ago and wanted to get backdated, they didn't have any records so he slipped through the cracks, but somehow he still had documents he was able to send them =)

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Re: Amex credit cards

American Express Computer system and credit report altering within computer system is like watching rather another city in California needs to file for bankruptcy!


Really the best way and only way usually is to apply for a Charge Card.


If you are in the system and black-listed you will get back an instant decline and it will not result in a HP on credit report.

Otherwise some have just gotten instant approval!

Hit up a Credit Card version of Amex at same time if you do find yourself approved for the charge card!


Let us know!

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