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Amex denial letter question???

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Re: Amex denial letter question???

had 1 unpaid judgement, and 1 co , when I was apporved last month. Again though my score is way higher, and those are the only negatives on my report, and they fall off in march and june. 

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Re: Amex denial letter question???

Agrees with all.

In the mean time, however, if you have store cards or any other cards... Focus on growing those lines into the multi-thousand dollar ranges, so that you can be ready for Amex. Staying off the grid and not building credit won't get you an Amex.

Build, build, build!!!!! Keep util low!
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Re: Amex denial letter question???

mmmlive1999 wrote:

android01 wrote:

mmmlive1999 wrote:

SnackTrader wrote:

Well let's be honest here. The two are very related. Your score is low because of your collection, so if you fix that and establish revolving accounts, your score will improve. Now, will that alone ensure you get an Amex?  Maybe, but probably not. It is certainly a start, though. 


Have you looked into secured cards to establish revolving history?

Snack Trader,


I see what you are saying and that is why I needed to clear it up. I have just opened an unsecured Cap1 and the store cards in my siggy this month. So I know with them reporting my scores will increase over time.


The CA is not willing to remove that TL( though paid in full and I tried GW,disputes blah blah blah) it will not fall off for 2 more years. So I was wondering if I could still get an Amex next year with that lingering in the shadows of my report.


Is having an AMEX that important to you that you can't wait for two years? I would wait until your credit cleared up so you can get the AMEX you want free and clear of anything negative on your reports.  

Well since you put it that way,I had to stop and think.... I have gone my whole life without one, what's 2 more years? LOL

Before I joined the boards( 2mos ago) I could have cared less,but now that I have joined the game of scores I want to rush everything. Probably should relax a littleSmiley Embarassed

 If you can wait out the 2 years, and keep your credit nose clean, you'll be in a position for a much better terms from the card issuers of your choice. you might try for a store card to augment your secured card.. then when the inqs fall off in 2 years you'll be ready. 

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