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Amex denying SUBs

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Re: Amex denying SUBs

@red259 wrote:

Reading some of the travel blogs and comments there seems to be a large number of people being denied SUBs by Amex.  A much larger number than in the recent past so I was interested in any datapoints. I am not talking about people trying to get a SUB on a card they had in the past. There are reports of people with only 1 or 2 amex cards being denied SUBs on new apps with Amex via the popup. There is some speculation that amex denys people who either do not use their cards or has recently closed amex cards.  


1. Have you recently applied for an amex card you had not held before and been told you would not get the SUB (not interested in people who were flat out denied only those who could get the card but only without SUB)?

If yes to above:

2. How many amex cards do you currently have open?

3. How many amex cards have you had in the past?

4. If you have amex cards open do you use them at all?

5. If you closed amex cards when did you close them?

6. How many cards have you opened in the past two years across all lenders? (not including non-business amex cards that do not report to credit bureau)

7. The offer you received was it a prequalified offer?

1. Within the last week of the Marriot 100k offer I was given the SUB denial popup with the option to continue processing the approved card. I declined it and the card was removed from even being an option to reapply in the future.

2. PRG, Hilton Ascend, Delta Platinum, Cash Magnet.

3. The current four plus the BCP that I canceled after a year and the Delta Gold that I upgraded to the Platinum with a 15k SUB.

4. I use my PRG often but usually only for restaurant dining; it has $5k of spend on it this year. Ascend only has the $95 fee ytd. Delta has $1,333 ytd. My Magnet is carrying about $7,750 on 0% until 02/20. 

5. Closed BCP around month 16 or 17 once I realized the narrow 'supermarket' category was not the broad 'grocery' category. Closed around August of '18 iirc.

6. Geez, idk. Quite a few I suppose. 

7. The offer was on my Pre-Qualified Offers page.


To add another random curious datapoint, I saw today that I had a 150k for $4k spend SUB to upgrade to the Aspire. No popup came up when I went through the upgrade request so I'm currently under the assumption that the SUB is going to go through though I won't know for another month or so. I'll be sad if it ends up being bunk but I have a couple weeks worth of Hilton time that I need to purchase anyways so the Diamond upgrade plus the added bonuses will make the card upgrade worthwhile.

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