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Amex dropped our account like a hot potato

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Re: Amex dropped our account like a hot potato



If Amex really wants to get out of the revolving card business as many of us suspect, this is sure not the way to go about it.


Chris, sorry this happened to you guys.

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Re: Amex dropped our account like a hot potato

JeremyATL wrote:
If Amex keeps treating its cardmember like trash, they wont be the big Amex a few years from now. When was the last time you spoke to an american representive on the phone with Amex??? These off shore call centers only babysit Amex Card members. However when its time for a FR an english clear speaking rep will call you.


Really?  I have called AMEX several times in the past 3 years and every time I get an American agent who is very proffesional and is able to answer my question or resolve whatever needed to be done.  The only bad experience I've had was when a representative tried to sell me credit secure. 
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Re: Amex dropped our account like a hot potato

I have called CS for various reasons, and most of the time I get a North American rep, and other times, I get a South Asian rep.

I'm guessing that you're routed to one or the other according to (1) the nature of your problem and (2) your standing with American Express.

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