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Amex everyday upgrade

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Re: Amex everyday upgrade

@althes wrote:
Was just offered an upgrade on my Amex Everyday to the Preferred.
15,000 points for 1000 spend.
Prorated fee will be charged after 45 days.

I got an upgrade offer of 25,000 points for 2k spend. I took the upgrade offer. It was a borderline call because I didn't need the AF card due to having other cards that covered the categories. I made sure to make the 30+ transactions or whatever it is to maximize my earning but now the card is in the SD and will get downgraded back to the non-AF version in a year. I almost got rid of my amex gold because I upgraded this card but when I did the math with the amex gold I still came out ahead if I kept it due to the different credits offered. 

Starting Score: EQ: 714, TU 684
Current Score: EQ: 725 7/30/13, TU 684 6/2013, Exp 828 5/2018, Last App 8/5/17
Goal Score: 800 (Achieved!) In garden until Sepetember 2019
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Re: Amex everyday upgrade

I will be doing amazon reloads to hit the 30txns.

Then I will decide which bills to pay to maximize the card to its fullest.

Thanks all.

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