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Amex incognito offers, please explain

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Amex incognito offers, please explain

So my DW has the cash magnet. When she is logged into the app, it shows her pre approved for the Green, Gold, and Platinum cards. Subs are 35k points for gold and 50k for platinum. If she goes to an incognito page on chrome and looks at the cards, the subs are 60k and 75k. Also, the minimum spend time limit is increased from 3 months to 6 months. How does she make sure she gets the incognito bonus? If she signs in, even in incognito, the bonuses revert to the normal ones. If she just hits apply and enters her info, which bonus will she be offered? TIA. 

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Re: Amex incognito offers, please explain

The quick answer is to apply directly from the offer screen you want. Even in incognito, if you log in the offer may change. My suggestion, don't log in. Just fill out the application like you normally would if you didn't have an Amex account.

Once you get to the part of putting in personal info (SSN) it'll all sync up but you will get the offer that you applied for if you qualify.
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