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Amex next day air

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Re: Amex next day air


@smc733 wrote:

Hi everyone,


My Dad shipped my Amex ZYNC up here to Boston on Monday, scheduled to be delivered today.  The bonehead mail person screwed up the delivery and it is going back.  I called Amex at 5:05 to have it overnighted, and they said it would be here tomorrow before noon.  IS THAT FOR REAL?  Anyone have experience with this?



I recently received a card from them overnight. Yes, it shows up in a plain envelope but that is inside an overnight air mailer from UPS. I'm fairly certain that the UPS guy was going to leave it on the porch, but I was home to receive it.

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Re: Amex next day air

What if I leave a note on the door. "UPS, please leave all packages for smc733 here."?
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Re: Amex next day air

That's up to the driver, I guess. If the neighborhood is good and location secure, they should. Everything gets left on my porch; computer parts, stereo gear, medications, you name it.
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Re: Amex next day air

My last Amex card was UPS'd overnight and was just sitting outside next to my door, they did not request a signature.


The card has to be activated, so there is a fair amount of security involved with that.

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