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Amex prequels and questions about app timing

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Amex prequels and questions about app timing

How soon should you typically wait to go after a second revolver? I know that 2/90 is a rule but is it better to wait till after say 91 days if your a new customer. So far, no _"____ your preapproved appear" and it's just the "expanding your portfolio is easy". 


Id there typically a time frame if you have high score/clean profile that this changes? If you apply too soon are you likely to get a lower starting limit? Do they do prequalified offers for business cards? Can you apply for a new card and a CLI at the same time in case the starting limit is not high enough and you need to transfer limits?


Also, does Amex still offer a free Fico? I know they used to but that option can not be found online...just the free vantage score by transunion they offer. Do you guys have a Fico on there and if so where you you find it? Still don't have the chat option after two months either.



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Re: Amex prequels and questions about app timing

You can find the FICO score in the app by going to the account icon and scrolling down.

Yes business cards some times have pre-qualified offers.

Some successfully go for a 2nd CC immediately after the first.


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Re: Amex prequels and questions about app timing

I've never liked prequels I am waiting for the sequel "Amex 3- The Wreckoning"
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