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Amex "Pre-Approved" Question

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Amex "Pre-Approved" Question

While logged into my Amex CC account, I noticed that I'm "Pre-Approved" for three charge card products:



  • Green Card
  • Gold Card
  • Platinum Card



Since I'm "Pre-Approved," would I incur an inquiry if I applies for one of these cards?

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Re: Amex "Pre-Approved" Question

Yes you will still incur an inquiry.

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Re: Amex "Pre-Approved" Question

Since you have a Zync already I believe it would be considered a product change which would not require a hard inquiry.

If you apply for a credit card then that would require a hard hit.

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Re: Amex "Pre-Approved" Question

@ty101 --


My wife has Zync. I have three CCs (Blue Cash, Cash Rebate, HHonors), though I have reasons that I'm interested in potentially getting a charge product.

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