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Amex refer Gold Delta as Optima Card??

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Amex refer Gold Delta as Optima Card??

I applied a Amex Delta on Dec 8 2013 with CL $6,500 and got the card on 16th Dec 2013 . And I started using it for every purchase I made till today. 

One fine day, I billed some of the products in Walmart separately and I made 4 Card swipes for each bill and Amex blocked my fifth bill (last bill). But I was able to use the card again next day.


1) Does AMEX puts any restrictions on number of transactions made on a new card?


Today, All of a sudden with amex sent me a statement just for 4 days after using this card. In the statement email I can see that they mentioned 




We received an online payment for your Optima® Credit Card account.


2) I thought Optima was the name used if I did not make any on time payments to my card?

Any thoughts ??

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