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Amex took away the luv button!

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Re: Amex took away the luv button!

LilMirth wrote:

l9ikjam wrote:
I just checked and still no luv button. If they would have gave me a CLI i would have stopped asking for a while and now I gotta call them.

I fear that poking at Amex will be very much like poking at a venomous snake; 'Tis not gonna end well. Perhaps you can focus on some of your less cantankerous lenders, and let Amex be until economic recovery is at least on the horizon?



My card hits 2 years in about 20 days so once they report they can close it b/c Amex will officially be a useless card to me. Any card besides Target that I have for 2 years & still no CLI is telling me they r not happy with having me as a customer.

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