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Amex using 30 day old CB report for apps

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Amex using 30 day old CB report for apps

I have read that Amex uses approx. 30 day old reports when making credit decicions. Is this only for current members, or for someone who is not or never a member? or what about if someone was an AU, but currently isn't?




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Re: Amex using 30 day old CB report for apps

For current members, amex uses existing SP on file (mostly).
For new apps, if you do not have amex, it will be a fresh EX HP on the day you apply.
AU status has no bearing on either case scenario.
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Re: Amex using 30 day old CB report for apps

I apped in November. I am not a member and Amex pulled my most recently updated score, which at the time was EX 621. My EX updated the day prior to me apping.
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Re: Amex using 30 day old CB report for apps

Once you have an AMEX card, AMEX SP your reports on a regular basis. It is part of their risk management algorithms. It may turn out that if you ask for a CLI, or app another card with them, the last SP could be two days ago, or up to 60 days ago. That is one of the reasons for the suggestion to wait 61 days after first card to ask for CLI, because it gives their SP check time to update latest scores.
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