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Amex won’t offer settlement repayment plan


Amex won’t offer settlement repayment plan

In May 2017, I fell on hard financial times and my American Express Blue for Students went into charge-off status for $3939.  Amex is still reporting a monthly charge-off status. In my state the debt is outside the SOL to sue. Eventually, I would like to reestablish a relationship with Amex and qualify for the optima card. 


After being transferred to different representatives and departments, basically the only options I was given were to call 800-700-7619 monthly and make a payment. The rep said that his department doesn't offer payment plans.


He mentioned that since my account was in-house internal collections that my account wasn't eligible for a payment plan. I mentioned that from my understanding American Express  does not sell their accounts to outside collection agencies so I am confused by his insistence that Amex does sell outside accounts to collection agencies and only then would it be possible to set up a payment plan.


I also mentioned that I knew of others in similar circumstances as myself that were able to set up a payment plan with the original creditor.


Does anyone else have any suggestions or #s I should try? I also mentioned that I received the Optima offer a year or two ago but couldn't deal with the debt at the time, but now I'm financially in a position to deal with this.


The representative said I could make payments over the phone without an payment plan agreement. 


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Re: Amex won’t offer settlement repayment plan

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Re: Amex won’t offer settlement repayment plan

What are you trying to achieve - pay the debt in full or settle the debt for less?


If just trying to pay the debt in full, it seems they've provided you with info on how to do that. 

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