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Amex zync denied 662 fico

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Re: Amex zync denied 662 fico

So I just called Amex again but used a different number for recon and I was connected to a account analyst but an executive one so I was like maybe I will get some luck so I told her my info and she gave me her number extension and name and also took my number down and said she was going to contact new accounts for me and see what she can do. I have a good feeling because she didn't even ask about any of the report info or anything and she did pull it up. She told me that she will give me a call back when she is finished with new accounts!!!!!!! I'm crossing fingers and praying
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Re: Amex zync denied 662 fico

Hope it goes well for you. Save that contact info, I'm sure others may ask for it if you're successful.

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