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Amex zync

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Amex zync

I don't know much about this card..what report do they like to pull, what are their approval criteria? Is it good for someone who doesnt use credit cards but for recurring charges? I'mfinally cc debt free and dont charge anything unless I have the cash to back it up..

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Re: Amex zync

Amex likes to pull ex for their charge cards. The underwriting isn't really that tough, there are people on here that have been approved with low to mid 600 ficos as well as some derogs reporting. 


It's a charge card so you have to PIF each month, which would probably work well for you given what you said in your op.

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Re: Amex zync

Back when I got mine they pulled EX, but they will also pull from the other bureaus sometimes, found that out the first time I was denied my Delta Plat Amex...It's a decent charge card, it's a part of their members rewards express, I don't use it as much now,  I user my Amex Plat. way more since I travel fairly often. I added my daughter as an AU, and set a CL on it so she would have a CC for emergencies..I would say if you're looking for just a charge card, definitely pull the trigger on it..Low AF, you can add packs to it which is pretty cool..

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Re: Amex zync

what are packs?

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