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Re: Amex

If you want to know your FICO Equifax score, just sign up for Scorewatch through this site for the free trial.  You'll have 10 days to cancel and you can get your FICO score for free. 


As for things like creditkarma, creditsesame, etc. offering free scores, those are not FICO scores and are known here as FAKO scores.  Those services have their uses but they are not useful as a predictor of your FICO score.  The fact that they are close to someone else's FICO score is coincidence.  The alternative scoring algorithms are designed to be different. They run on different scales and purposefully process information differently. 


It's too hard to predict whether you will get an Amex at this point.  Your score could be much higher than it was 8 months ago if you paid down all your debt.  Do you have any recent negatives, late payments, charge offs, collections, etc.?

Starting Score: ~500 (12/01/2008)
Current Score: EQ 681 (04/05/13); TU 98 728 (01/06/12), TU 08? 760 (provided by Barclay 1/2/14), TU 04 728 (lender pull 01/12/12); EX 742 (lender pull 01/12/12)
Goal Score: 720

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Re: Amex

First things first.


- Make sure you give ample time for the cards  that you have paid to fully report

-Go to the website mentioned in previous post to get all three of your credit reports

-From, at least get your EQ and TU score

-If your credit reports are very similar chances are that your experian might be close to your other scores

-Once you get your FICO and your credit report, share it with us if you wish and we will get a better understanding of your profile. When sharing your credit profile make sure you do NOT share any personal info like name, account number and SS number. We are only interested in seeing your overall good versus bad accounts

-Break them down into good versus bad accounts. Dates they were opened and DOFD would be good to know.



Hope that helps

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